MEP & Engineering

After reaching a final agreement with our customers, our dynamic process begins, including preparation for and implementation of construction works. This process consists of several stages and encompasses various fields..


• Developing a construction-production team

Prior to identifying detailed specifications, complexity, or the geographic location for each project, our company management identifies and approves a construction-production team, as headed by a site manager. This group also includes experienced surveyors and is under the supervision of a construction superintendent.

• Provision of construction machinery and equipment

Working with the “EAB International Services” technical staff, the final organization, detailing construction plans, organization, and project production are all specified, such as placement plans for construction machinery, their technical parameters, logistics, and the sequence of processes.

• Documentation and technical support

We provide the approved project-expenditure documentation, construction schedules, facility logs, and multiple productions acts, all under the responsibility of our Technical Support Unit.

• Materials and service procurement

Under our carefully defined plans, and considering any additional requirements requested during the construction process, our procurement and supply services ensure the prompt delivery of all the necessary materials from both local and foreign markets.

• Labor safety and protection


“EAB International Services” greatest priority is the safety of our engineers, technical personnel, and labor force, alongside any third parties involved. All of our predefined safety plans, with introductory details and educational reminders, as well as the unconditional observance of all instructions, are under the continual supervision of our Labor Safety and Security Service staff.

• Quality control and technical planning procedures


After outlining our projects, the Quality Control and Technology Unit identifies the quality requirements for each facility under construction, together with a methodological plan for applying the best technologies and carrying out the work. As part of this service, we provide a permanent representative to conduct monitoring of these critical objectives.